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"Connecting with other so-called "bitcoin maximalists" is a great experience. Whether in real life or online, you can skip all formalities whenever you meet one. You can skip the social charade of talking about the weather. You know that the person you're talking to is already above a certain number of cognitive thresholds. This journey through hyperbitcoinization that we're all on is genuinely extraordinary."
Knut Svanholm

"For years, I was the only Bitcoiner I knew. I tried to tell family and friends about Bitcoin, but they all thought I was involved in a scam or a cult. I needed some legit bitcoin people in my life, people who knew what I knew and could speak on it thoughtfully. I found them on this app, which connects you to Bitcoiners and meetups in your area. The weekend of the last halving, I went to two different celebration meetups that I learned about on this app, and I met a bunch of cool, interesting, and intelligent people I never would have known without this app. And in so doing, I gained perspective on the bitcoin community’s vitality and culture. This app empowers Bitcoiners by bringing them together socially and intellectually, and I highly recommend it, because we all must make our own Bitcoin journey, but none of us need make it alone."
Notebook Ninjia