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Well built app to interface with a great community
The OPA is well worth the small cost of membership. It’s an excellent tool to find likeminded individuals in your area or anywhere in the world. The “nearby” feature also makes it a great way to meet other Bitcoiners when traveling. Highly recommended for anyone looking to expand their network.
Meet other local Bitcoiners
Love this app. 🧡 I’ve met a few new local Bitcoiner friends, and sometimes people randomly send me sats! ⚡️
Best App for Networking with Bitcoiners
Craig LeBlanc11
A Close friend of mine recommended this app to me to connect with fellow Bitcoiners. I have since connected with people in my area and that I have met at the national convention in Miami. I really like how this app also let you know about upcoming events that I would like to attend both locally and internationally. It also lets me discover partners that I can use in the Bitcoin community. I would highly recommend this app for anyone looking to grow their net work with some of the best Bitcoiners in the space.
Best Pleb Collaboration App
Most people stay to themselves because they don’t know that there are sat stackers around them and you start to feel like your in your own echo chamber. Learning that there are others around you in your area by using this app is a relief and lets you conversate, find the local meetup spots, and find out what venders others use that except btc. I am also able to watch the circular economy grow over time. And it has. Thank you Orange Pill App for making this possible.
Thank you!
I love this app! It has been super helpful for connecting with other women in Bitcoin along with other Bitcoiners in general. It’s hard to imagine what I would do without it. Whether it’s at Bitcoin Park, Bit Block Boom, the Pacific Bitcoin Festival, or my hometown, I have made incredible connections and found great events on here.
Great app
jeff howl eddie
I’d love the ability to be able to query my content based on certain criteria
Great App
Contact bitcoin folks everywhere!No problems whatsoever, it’s a pleasure to have finally.
A Bitcoin binder
Ben D in WA
OPA is a great way to connect in real life with other bitcoiners. The community is growing and it is a fun way to see how different walks of life find the orange pill. The team keeps adding feature improvements on top of an already solid user experience.
Bitcoin Community
Lady Laureeeeena
Orange Pill is a fantastic way to meet other Bitcoiners in surrounding areas. Over the past six weeks we’ve attended three Meetups and have also connected with great people outside of the Meetups. Highly recommend this app if you’re looking to stay curious, expand your bitcoin knowledge, and meet a great community of like minded people.
Network Magic for Freedom Money
Slow, then Suddenly
If your a bitcoiner or even interested in bitcoin, then you need to network with likeminded people. Bitcoin is freedom money and the community of users needs to grow exponentially, so we can collectively regain our financial freedom. The Orange Pill app is a great tool for doing just that. My first Bitcoin meetup was wildly successful because of this app!
Best Bitcoin Social App!!
The Crypto Surfer
I’m really thankful there’s a Bitcoin App to connect with Bitcoiners locally and all over the World. The app is easy to use, and I’ve made some nice connections here. I highly recommend OPA for anyone who wants the best way to plug into cool peeps in the Bitcoin Community!
The BEST way to connect with Bitcoiners near and far!
So thankful for all of the amazing connections I have made through OPA. I run a Bitcoin meetup group and have been able to more than double our attendance through OPA. Every day I connect with more and more local Bitcoiners. The people i connect with would have had no idea about our meetup group otherwise. Such great people!I’ve also met some great people who live in nearby states and even all over the world! Can’t recommend this app enough. So glad to finally meet amazing people who love talking Bitcoin 🧡
No option to pay with Bitcoin
all other nicks are taken
Requires email address for signup (why?) and only enables payment for the required membership via Apple Pay on iPhone. Needs to enable Bitcoin payments.
🧡🧡 Great App.. I’ve learned so much from the community.
OPA is a fantastic platform for connecting with fellow BTC enthusiasts. OPA user-friendly interface makes it easy to find & join local meet-ups. It's a great way to learn, share insights, & network with like-minded individuals. Whether you're seasoned or just starting to explore the world of Bitcoin.. ORANGE PILL APP offers a valuable resource for expanding your knowledge & connections within the Bitcoin community.
Love this app
It’s a great way to meet bitcoiners around any location.
Great so far!
The OPA is surprisingly well done for a niche social app. I came to the app to see what Bitcoin events are near me and to connect with other serious Bitcoiners. I’m looking forward to new features that help us share ideas and orange pill as many people as possible. What’s pretty clear is that everyone on the app has a passion for Bitcoin and I think we all hope to live in a world made better by Satoshi’s gift.
No chicks yet
It’s not a dating app yet but considering women are about to find out that Bitcoiners are the top best boys in the world my guess is they will come eventually. Anyway great app!
THE Bitcoiner Social Layer is the best $100 I’ve ever spent on an app in my life, period.
The mining seminar I attended a couple years ago was fun. I socialized for a bit afterwards & that was nice. I went to Bitcoin 2022 in Miami. That was AWESOME! Prior to downloading OPA though, I'd not yet attended a local Bitcoin meetup.After downloading OPA, I reached out to some people, made some connections, learned about a meetup, attended, & had a great time! I really enjoyed being surrounded by people I could talk to for hours. It's a reunion of happy stranger-friends.I look forward to future meetups, connections, oopportunities, & more, all facilitated by The Orange 🍊Pill 💊 App.
Orange Pill App
Aaron Jacobs
So great to be able to connect with other true bitcoiners without all of the noise of other social media sites. OPA is great.
Best Bitcoin app to connect with bitcoiners
I see a very big future for this app. Soo good to connect with fellow bitcoiners. Love the events section.
Amazing app and social network
I’ve met multiple people in person from this app. Can’t recommend enough!
Great addition
Great for finding events and people to meet up with.
The place for Bitcoiners - all signal
Stack friends who stack sats. Matteo is cool and has built a great product for meetups, chats, networking, and more. One of my favorite apps
Amazing quality app!!!
Stratton skier
This app is helpful with making connections, networking, and finding events! Easily understandable for all ages of Bitcoin users! Highly recommend!
Nobody wants to communicate. What’s the point in this app, if everyone ignores you? Trying to show myself friendly, I send out messages to a few plebs. Turns out, nobody ever replies, apparently unless they know you. Twitter is a much better place to connect with fellow Bitcoiners. Save your fiat. Seems everyone is too arrogant to reply unless they already know who you are.
Beer Can Chicken
App Crashes. Unusable
Seems like a great idea, just doesn’t work? App crashes all the time
OPA is Awesome!
Orange Pill App is a great place to meet fellow Bitcoiners. I’ve already met a ton of cool people in my first 48 hours on the app. Nostr has a ton of Bitcoiners on it, but OrangePillApp let’s you know Bitcoiners in your area and had less noise than Nostr. OPA is a great way to meet likeminded new friends who are passionate about BTC!
Yusuf Founder of The Bitcoin Classic
OPA is the perfect bitcoin centric social media connector in the space. I was able to connect with people from all over the world!!
Helped start our group
R Stringer
Using this app helped us find local bitcoiners, and get our group started. It is great that they have added Events to the app as well.
Hands down the way to find new friends.
I recently moved to a new state and it was difficult to find likeminded people. After finding this app I was able to find new friends along with a local meetup. Now I’m a part of a community that’s helping change the world!Give this app a shot. It will change you for the better.
Meet Bitcoiners IRL!
Being a Bitcoiner is about having face-to-face, real-life relationships with human beings. So far, I have met four Bitcoiners in real life through OPA (Orange Pill App). The first of us who met through OPA are now setting up a larger Bitcoin meetup where we have people from several states coming!
So fun!
Loving OPA! Fun way to connect with bitcoiners, looking forward to the events and business sections that are coming!
Slow application
For two days now the application has been slow. It’s takes time to receive messages and when you send a message it indicate a red sign at the bottom of your message. For me it means that the message has not be sent. If there is an error with the application please fix it.
Meet like minded folks
I’m so thankful for this application! It helped me meet local Bitcoiner and even ones further away. The community is so kind and encouraging to one another. The knowledge I’ve been able to gain from the users is truly pure signal! No noise 🧡
The ideal Bitcoiner talkspace.
The OPA is THE virtual nexus for meeting and connecting with Bitcoiners. I’ve been able to connect with all types of people whether you’re new, old, young, distinguished and well known, or just learning, this is the place to find it.And to make things even more tight knit, you may even get to chat with some influential Bitcoiners in the space.So far, I’ve been delighted with my experience using the app. I came here to network with likeminded individuals, and that’s exactly what it has delivered. 10/10 would recommend.
Has potential to be *the* app for social bitcoiners
Tony the Afrikaan
Well designed and user friendly. I met like-minded bitcoiners in my area in minutes. Great app.
Awesome, huge potential
Great app. Simple, straightforward. Gets you connected in a comfortable way to other Bitcoiners in your local area or if traveling easy to meet up with other Bitcoiners.
Maria NY 57
I really love this app! The people are so nice. Getting to talk with like minded people locally and across the globe is awesome. Having something in common with someone right off the bay is great. I’m looking forward to going to some local meet ups and maybe holding one on Long Island. I love their motto: “You will own Bitcoin and you will be happy.” Thank you for creating this app! Hodling On for DearLife!
Great app to connect with local Bitcoiners!
Was looking for something like this and happy to see something finally brought to market! Can’t wait for the new features to come!
Great app to connect with local bitcoiners. Looking forward to the events feature release!
If you are a Bitcoiner and looking to network with other bitcoiners then looks no further. My experience has been top notch! I can’t wait for the referral offer and I’m eyeballing that lifetime subscription 👀
Bitcoiners Rejoice! Find bitcoiners near you!
Chad and Aimee
Seeing some negativity about being a paid app so here’s my top 2 positive attributes about having to pay:1. If it’s free, then you are the product i.e. data mining and selling your information 2. Value 4 Value - I’m good with paying for something I find value in. It’s a direct transfer of value from user to developer I have been able to find a local bitcoiner and we started an area meetup. Also have connected with other influential plebs I’ve met at conferences and able to ask direct questions to them and they respond! Another great tool in the push to adoption of bitcoin and the bright orange future!
Stop slacking!
Stack friends with The Orange Pill app.
THE Bitcoin only app!
Mikey zig zag
Great app to connect to Bitcoiners! Still in its infancy but very hopeful to see where they take things and being a part of the journey.
A Thriving Community for Bitcoiners
Zeke Nakamoto
OPA is a fantastic social network for bitcoiners! The founders are highly involved and consistently release updates to improve the user experience. I appreciate the attention to detail and the dedication to the community. If you’re looking for a platform to connect with other bitcoiners, I highly recommend giving OPA a try!
Connecting Bitcoiners
StealingHood not RobinHood
This app is extremely well done and excellent way for Bitcoiners to connect with one another. This app will continue to spread the adoption of Bitcoin and it’s freedom. Amazingly diverse amount of Bitcoiners in this app!!
Great app
ananymous reviewer456
Great app if you wanna find people who are into bitcoin and wanna hangout casually.
Game changer
Steven Laughlin
This app is great! The founders (Matteo) reached out to me right away to see if I was having any issues. No issues. I was able to meet some locals in the area right away and attend meetups that I didn’t even know existed. I can’t wait for the merchant feature to be working! Highly recommend for all bitcoiners!
Great idea, great app supporting a great cause!
Lookin For Boats
Great app, great communication, and great idea. Helping Bitcoiners connect directly and facilitating Local and regional connections between them is a worthy cause! Happy tobe a member and support the developer.
High Signal Bitcoiners
If you are looking for high signal bitcoiners in your area this is the place to find them. I endorse this app 💯
Orange pill app is Brilliant.
Princess Sarah Jane
Anything that connects Bitcoiners is A+ in my book. So much more than just a dating app. They have a roadmap filled with great features.
Meet Other Bitcoiners!
Lee Salminen
Meeting other Bitcoiners from around the world has been the most interesting hobby I’ve ever had. This group of people are able to talk deeply about things I care about- economics, technology, and freedom. This app has helped me meet more Bitcoiners! Looking forward to seeing who it connects me with in the future.
This is a great app that is both extremely Informational. A very useful communication tool that I feel is immensely beneficial if you are new to everything.
Great app
Puts Bitcoiners in touch with other Bitcoiners - what more could you ask for? Looking forward to when they activate the “events” portion to see local events!
Fantastic app!
Phillip Pines
Absolutely beautiful app! I met the team while I was attending a local Bitcoin Conference and was so impressed by the amount of effort poured into the concept I had to download. Super excited for their future developments and I strongly recommend anyone who is interested in Bitcoin, whether an expert or novice, to give it a download! The subscription is totally worth it.
It is a great way to meet Bitcoiners close by. Socialize with those that know. Features coming as app just rolling out great idea been waiting for this. Thanks orange pill app👍
Getting To Know Local Bitcoiners
Love the idea of this. So far so good as I’m beginning to have conversations with Bitcoiners in my area. This is a great because often it gets lonely in the Bitcoin universe. But not for long :)
The Ultimate App
T. Agora
for promoting bitcoin! Peer-to-peer marketing - as it should be.
Amazing App
Dr Codeman
It’s awesome having one of the founders reaching out to see what you think and having an open line of communication. Once this app blows up I’m sure they won't be able to communicate as efficiently but if this is a sign of their customer service standards, then I am excited. It’s also nice not getting spammed with ads. Spending $2.99 a month is nothing. Just skip your $5 daily coffee or be more effective and make your own so you can stack more sats.
Amazing networking tool!
Shred Lord
This app is great for finding Bitcoiners in your local area to collaborate with. Twitter is full of bots and spammers, this app has legit human beings on it. The roadmap looks great and I am excited to see the app’s growth over time. Bitcoin is the way!
Brilliant app
This app is just what you need to meet like minded people near you! Also great for events and gatherings. Lots of cool features coming. Thoughtful to privacy minded users. Is this a dating app? :)Update!"After 5 months trying to get my local meetup started, in 48 hours with this app I have a co host and 8 new members. This app is exactly what we’ve been missing and I’m glad the people on it have a little skin in the game. I don’t want a bunch of grifters."
A must have for conferences
The Orange Pill App is a great way to network with other Bitcoiners in your area
Without a trial, no dice
As a Bitcoiner, you learn (the hard way) not to trust, but to verify. No trial, no cuckbucks. Let me know when this changes.
Bitcoiners Unite ⚡️
jessica hodler
This app created for Bitcoiners. I discovered the app the Pacific Bitcoin conference. I love the ease of the app, connection to others in irl. What a great idea 💡
About Time!
Enjoying the app so far! Great opportunity to connect with like minded individuals. Excellent opportunity to network within the Cryptocurrency and specifically Bitcoin industry. Highly recommend!!
Exactly what we needed!!!
Nick E90
This app is awesome! Now I can link up with other local Bitcoiners in the area! Great app for socializing or for professional networking with others in the BTC field!
Rossy R.
I can’t believe nobody thought of this before. I’ve spent so much time looking for like minded Bitcoiner in my area and now I can just chat them up from my couch. I’m so happy. Keep up the good work guys.
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