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Find people by their name/pseudonym, profession or any other info in their profile. Or search for events and merchants, to be released later this year.

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You are always in full control of who you want to connect with. Only after the first message gets a reply, a connection is established.

Our mission

to connect as
many bitcoiners
as possible IRL

Daniel Prince


Go forth and download! Meet #bitcoin plebs in real life, work together, build, network, let's kick adoption into high gear!
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The Bitcoin Mermaid


Thanks to @orangepillapp i have met 2 Bitcoiners at @LuganoPlanB and now I am happy @iaconide (in photo with me) & @_jklnz it was really cool to meet you guys. Bitcoin Warriors United
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Important lifehack. You should hang out with #bitcoin people. It will change your life for the better.
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It's f*cking settled, It's impossible for me to date someone who isn't a #Bitcoin freak like me !! I'm so excited today and all I'm getting as a response is, " OK well you enjoy watching that"
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The community behind Orange Pill App is absolutely insane.
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Patrick Leung


Finally we have an app for the #Bitcoin community,  check out @orangepillapp , great design and it works on M1 Macs! Looking forward to meeting all bitcoiners in the globe and in Hong Kong. Team Orange for sure. Thanks for the introduction! @Mr21Million
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How do I find #Bitcoin meet ups in my area ? I’m in the Seattle area, would be cool too meet some people in person.
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Bullish Mike ⚡


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Ghost of Shadrach


After 5 months trying to get my local meetup started, in 48 hours with this app I have a co host and 8 new members.  This app is exactly what we’ve been missing and I’m glad the people on it have a little skin in the game.  I don’t want a bunch of grifters!
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Joël Kai Lenz


I tell you @orangepillapp  works! The fifth person messaged me on there today saying they have seen me online or IRL before. Brilliant!
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Shitcoiner Rehab ⚡


Thinking about starting a Hoboken NJ Bitcoin Club!! Anybody in the area interested in joining?
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Don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions.

How is my privacy protected?

We're Bitcoin maximalists and we take privacy very seriously. We only verify that you have access to an email address and we don't store any sensitive data.

How do you prevent bots, spammers, scammers & fake accounts?

A paid subscription is required in order to use the app.

Why should I pay to use this app?

As the saying goes: "if something is free you are the product". Building, maintaining and promoting an app is very expensive. By asking everybody to pay to use the app we eliminate the noise (bots, scams, spammers, shitcoiners, fake account, etc...) and we will never have to track or sell your data to the highest bidder. This way, we can remain independent and prioritize our users first.

Can I buy a membership in sats?

Although Apple & Google do not permit in-app purchases using sats, you can still get a membership in sats on our website at

Why there's no free trial?

Unfortunately free trials attract the wrong kind of users such as spammers, scammers, bots, NFT enthusiasts, shitcoiners, and those with low engagement. This is contrary to the type of users we hope to welcome into OPA.

Why do you need my geolocation?

The goal of this app is to connect you with nearby Bitcoiners. In order to do so we need to know - roughly - where you are. However, since we don't deliver pizza, we only use approximate geolocation which means you can be anywhere in a 10-miles radius.

Is my geolocation tracked?

Your approximate location is only checked when the app is open to display nearby users. Since we don't do advertising, this is the only purpose for checking your approximate location.

Why can't I use my zip code?

The app is live in 175 countries so is guaranteed that your zip code exists in at least another country. Moreover, without geolocation the app wouldn't work when you travel and lastly, bad actors could abuse the system by pretending to be somewhere else.

How accurate is the distance from another user?

The distance feature is to give you a rough idea of how close or far somebody is from you; so all distances are approximated and rounded up or down to the nearest 5 miles.

Is this a dating app?

Our mission is to connect as many Bitcoiners as possible IRL. If you happen to find your soulmate on the app, go ahead and bring more Bitcoiners into the world. 🧡

In which countries is the App available?

The app is available in 175 countries, see the full list:

In Partnership with: