Lightning ⚡️Ventures Presents:
Satoshi Rockamoto 🎸

Jun 8 2023
8:00 PM


About this event

Are you ready to rock? Satoshi Rockamoto is coming to Prague. Woo Hoo! We want you to jam with the band... Maybe sing a song with a live backing group of Bitcoin all-stars. Not into all that? OK, well then just come hang out with all the cool kids for a fun night. Lightning Ventures is throwing this shindig and inviting all the cool kids.

This happens on June 8th in Prague. We have a revolving lineup of Bitcoin all-stars jamming, and you can too! Do you play music and want to sit in on a few songs? Do you want to sing a song with a band of Satoshi Shredders? Join the likes of Giacomo Zucco, Mir, Knut Svanholm, Samson Mow, John Carvalho, and more for a night of kicking out the jams. These amps go to eleven! Maximum fun. We've got to pay for this sick-ass venue and all the gear we're renting. So it ain't a free show.... but it certainly will be the place to be. Be there or be square.

If you want to request songs, instruments, and all that fun stuff, we will do it at the event. No worries about all that, we will get you on stage!

Got questions or whateeevvvsss. Hit us at, and we’ll get you sorted.  


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